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Together we bring your business close to your customers than ever!

Are you planning an event? It's instant, it's easy and we sure know it's ready for you.

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Working with us means no worries for you.We bring the equipment, we broadcast through satellite, we do the video editing. We know how important it is for you to organize the event properly, so we handle everything regarding the broadcast, so you will not have to worry about this part.

Live streaming ? We've got you covered!

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Super fast set-up for broadcasting

iStream.Today will allow you to set up the broadcast of any sort of events in the shortest time.iStream.Today is equipped for online streaming of video and audio at high definition, directly over satellite.Our service allows you to broadcast on a social network, embed the video stream in any page you desire and also provides exceptional video editing service through-out our tools .


Streaming Data Storage

Your broadcasted content is safe with us

Once you registered with iStream.Today you forget about having to back-up your broadcasted data.Any content streamed through our service is safely storaged for latter use. You decide when and how to use the data.

Why choose our services and tools


DVR – Live Stream Time Shifting, DRM, Adaptive Streaming, Flexibility in using just our service or our service plus our experienced streaming team, Excellent data storage, Ease in usage and Setting up speed are just few of our advantages. Want to know more?

High definition quality and DVR


Embedding live video streams has never been easier. High definition quality and DVR over satellite with secure infrastructure and reliable connections is our recipe for profesionals. Add adjustable pricing options and it's the recipe for your success too!

All Plans Include

  • No Viewer Limits
  • Watermarking
  • Third Party Integration
  • Multi-Bitrate
  • Secure Delivery
  • Analytics
  • Mobile Device Support
  • Free File Encoding